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3D Art,  Design and Animation

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World record Jigsaw puzzles

' Tropical Impressions'

276 cm x 192 cm
Released in Nuremberg toy fair by Ravensburger, this puzzles has a staggering 18,240 pieces.

‘By the Water Hole’


By the water hole 2010

Twilight new moon.

Motorola Cloud city.

Phone mouth animations.

Cottage enamel box design and visuals.

Native Indian Puzzle design.

Automation magazine cover.

Britax tap strap package image and instructions.

Bosch Cisor interactive models and animation.

Robin Hood Game characters and animation.

Visa Interactive set modelling.

FSA interactive money made clear comercial.

Royal Navy interactive globe banners.

Royal Navy interactive fly past banners.

Marine puzzle ball.

Royal Navy ring design and visuals.

Westie Dog sculpt figurine.
5000pc African Jigsaw Puzzle

Mobile Phone Exchange TV commercial.

Gucci Glasses Visuals.

Monopoly & Google Streets title sequence.

3 New T-shirt designs

Guinness & Google interactive Title sequence.

Silk Cut New pack design visuals.

Cadillac SRX. 360

Worlds largest  18,250pc Jigsaw puzzle

Nestle sports ad campaign.

Nestle Easter egg designs & visuals.


Projects round up


Tropical Impressions 2000


Find my work in Die Hard 4

And New block Buster Twilight
New Moon.